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Are Your Benefits a Liability?

Grow and survival of organizations depends on the quality and quantity of talent they can effectively recruit and retain. Part of attracting, recruiting, and retaining top talent, requires the selection and administration of competitive benefits packages. By giving employees benefits they actually value, they will be happier, more productive, and have a deeper commitment to the organization. Benefits normally fall under two broad categories of optional benefits and mandatory benefits.

Optional Benefits

Although not required by law, many of them are fairly common in companies of all size. Many items such as PTO are generally expected by employees. Common items include:

Mandatory Benefits

These are employee benefits that all employers are legally requires to provide for their employees. While the laws can vary from state to state, certain benefits are required under federal law. To provide generally recognized mandatory benefits, all employers must:

Errors Can Result in Costly Legal Challenges

Due to the complexity of proper benefits administration, it’s very easy to make mistakes. This also means it’s easy to get it wrong. Since benefits plans fall under tight Government scrutiny, the IRS or Department of Labor will quickly catch a mistake in an audit and assess penalties.

How We Can Help Prevent Your Organization from Making a Costly Mistake

It’s important to note that benefits administration, compliance, employee handbooks and on-boarding/off-boarding plans require routine maintenance to make sure they match the operating reality. Coverage and deductibles need to be updated, new business practices or legislation need to be factored in as they emerge. Our services include:

Bottom line: Proper benefits administration is complicated and the laws governing benefits vary from state to state. Due to tight scrutiny, mistakes are often caught and can result in costly penalties or legal expenses.

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