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Costing Estimation & Analysis Solutions

Cost Estimates Can Make or Break Your Projects and Programs

One of the greatest challenges for a project leader is to successfully deliver on all aspects of a program or project on time and within the bounds of the available resources. Cost estimates help organizations increase their quality of delivery by establishing a baseline for scope, schedule and cost. Additionally, cost estimates support the evaluation of competitive proposals and provide a reference point for negotiations for large acquisitions.

Costing enables organizations to create value, drive stronger performance and make more informed financial decisions through data-driven analysis and industry best practices. Costing helps answer many critical questions such as:

Cost Estimates Tie the Scope of Work to the Resources Required

Part of the cost estimating process requires defining the project or program being estimated and defining the work products. This process is generally informed by reviews of historical data from past projects, lessons learned and initial staging and sequencing of the work. This process also helps teams and organizations to:

Bottom line: If you don’t evaluate the level of effort and resources required, you can’t understand the risk and impacts to effectively manage all project dimesons.

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